J.G Fenns Case Study

Date Posted: 19th December 2018


The Client:

J.G Fenn is a family-run office products supplier founded in 1875, and now ranks as one of the top independent suppliers in the UK.


The Challenge:

The challenges facing J.G Fenn included:

  • An out-dated logo steeped in history that needed elements retaining
  • Difficulty to achieve the approval from some family stakeholders
  • Need to stand out in a highly crowded marketplace


The Solution:

J.G Fenn (Fenns) had an out-dated logo that did not suit digital media and online forms of marketing. They sought a new modern logo that would still provide a call back to their existing logo and lengthy history, and would sit well on a more modern website design. Focus7 undertook a series of creative workshops with Fenns and their clients to determine the requirements for the new logo, and developed a sleek and modern design that incorporated some elements from the old logo to ensure that they were still recognisable. Focus7 also produced a series of fun and innovative marketing email campaigns, injecting a breath of fresh air into Fenns’ identity in the market. This set them apart from other competitors, and gave them an air of true authenticity and professionalism.


The Results:

J.G Fenn has seen:

  • A modern new logo suitable for replication across multiple media
  • Approval from all internal stakeholders
  • An identity vastly different from anything else in the industry
  • Personal interaction from customers expressing how much they enjoy the new brand identity & marketing


The Client Says:

“When our customer from AGE UK wrote; “I don’t know who your marketing people are but this is fantastic. Thanks for making me laugh out loud.” I was delighted! Working with Focus7 International is working with an energetic, fun team of talented individuals who bring their enthusiasm, positivity and creativity to the table. They have made me very excited about the future for Fenns.”

– Louise Harris
Managing Director, J.G Fenn