Device Tracker plus Case Study

Date Posted: 2nd December 2018


The Client:

Boston Digital is a software company and technology incubator. Device Tracker Plus is one of their apps that uses intelligent tracking for GPS enabled mobile devices, and is marketed towards parents looking to keep their children safe.


The Challenge:

A Google search campaign was in place and although previously had enjoyed a certain level of success. However, it was using a large daily budget with a very comprehensive advert/keyword and bidding strategy in place. Due to changes in the market, and an increase in competition costs, the margins the campaign account was making had significantly shrunk and the CPA was rapidly increasing.


The Solution:

Due to the challenges mentioned above, Focus7 were then tasked to take complete control of the campaign account to reduce cost and increase CPA (cost per acquisition/cost per conversions). During the first month, we performed an audit to review the current situation of the campaign, followed by making recommendations for the advert campaign, the website, and the overall strategy. Over the next following months, we then began to implement a new strategy and ways to reduce CPA. As we were able to deliver improved CPA, it allowed for a large increase on revenue.


The Results:

Boston Digital have seen so far:

The initial paid advert margin was 9%. After AdWords had been reviewed with new recommendations implemented in October, margin from paid advertising increased to 90.8%.

We still continue to work on the campaign to improve it further and deliver greater results.