Circadian FX Case Study

Date Posted: 2nd December 2018


The Client:

Circadian FX Solutions is an independent foreign exchange broker that allows you to send payments securely and easily worldwide. They offer more competitive currency exchange rates than currently available through traditional banks.


The Challenge:

The challenges facing Circadian FX included:

  • The need for a re-branded website showing a clear divide between corporate and private customer bases to improve user journey.
  • No optimised pages or calls to actions.
  • A need to increase the number of enquiries driven through the website.
  • A brand that felt disjointed from the purpose of the business.


The Solution:

Focus7 listened to the challenges Circadian FX were facing, and took the time to really understand what the business was about. By doing so, we were then able to develop a new brand identity that suitably reflected the nature of the business. It was important to us that we listened to what Circadian FX wanted to achieve, and to ensure that they were always fully involved throughout the whole process.

When it came to rebranding, we created a modern, circular logo to subconsciously help with the correct pronunciation of Circadian. To connect the brand further, we used imagery that depicts the concept of movement to portray the transfer of money around the globe. As for the redesign of the website, we opted for a clean and simple design that is relevant to Circadian to emphasise the simplistic tone of voice they wanted to convey. It is highly responsive, with easy navigation and a clear divide between corporate and private customers through the use of two colour schemes. The website is optimised for SEO due to adding more pages and now includes CTAs for greater user interaction.


The Results:

Circadian FX has seen:

  • A complete rebrand to create a feeling of trust and professionalism.
  • An easy to navigate, clear, and free from jargon, responsive website.
  • Calls to action to encourage user interaction.
  • A more established brand, with a new logo that represents who and what the brand is about.


The Client Says:

“With a new start for Circadian just around the corner, I really needed somebody that could take the business on board and build it up. In terms of the understanding that Focus7 have of the business, I’ve been very happy with the way that they’ve sculpted the work that they’ve done to be appropriate to my sector, and to my business. In order to get to where we’re at now, where we have a beautiful, clean image, design, and look and feel for the business, they’ve had to hold my hand a lot, and they’ve guided me extremely patiently in the right way.”

– Jim Tatchell, Director of Circadian FX